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  • Clipping Path

  • Basic - $0.20

  • Multipath - $0.50

  • Complex - $1.00

  • Extra Complex - $2.00

  • Start from $0.20

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  • Masking

  • Basic - $0.50

  • Multi - $1

  • Complex - $2/3.00

  • Extra Complex - $5.00

  • Start from $0.50

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  • Retouching

  • Basic - $0.50

  • Multi - $2

  • Complex - $3.00

  • Extra Complex - $5.00

  • Start from $0.50

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  • Watermark Remove

  • Basic - $0.50>

  • Multi - $2

  • Complex - $3.00

  • Extra Complex - $5.00

  • Start from $0.50

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Clipping path is crop part of the artwork so that only a portion of the artwork appears through the shape or shapes you create. In Photoshop Pen Tool is used for make clipping path. We create clipping paths to hide unwanted parts of an image, some time to edit a particular part of an image. We can freely modify the clipping path without affecting the graphics frame by using the Direct Selection tool and other drawing tools in the toolbox.



In modern world Photoshop makes it possible to edit your photos in countless ways. With endless possibilities the challenge is to know how to use the photo editing tools effectively and we want to say Glorious designer have the strong photo retouching skill because we are well known about Photoshop and it’s all of tools we offer the best Image retouching service including Glamour Retouching, Skin softening, high pass, GIMP, photo enhancement, Color correction/replacement etc.



Image shadow creation accepts estimable outcomes on a photograph that go with them alive. Camera, inflammation and acclimatized filters with image adumbration give a bristling amount to a picture. Suppose you have got an image that's aflame at some positions and blacker elsewhere. Image shadow creation might exchange the later result from the standard picture that isn't conformable or from a camera within the least.



Neck joint services are ordinarily employed to articulate or add up the neck to the promising image. As an example there's a picture that is usually captured in a very mannequin adjusted as front read and back read by the photographer. If the client’s demand is that the image must crop or to be adjusted whereas keeping solely the consisting wears that is dressed on the mannequin. On that sort of job assignment consumer sometimes give the rear label image that is consistently hooked up with the wear and tear.



One of our best services is Watermark remove. Watermark are usually placed on images to protect the image form other or make a signature to owner, whatever glorious designer have excellent skill about watermark remove. Not only watermark remove we also offer best service for tattoo from body/product, object remove from Image is our specialty.



Masking is used for separating the image from the background in a photograph, where the edges are not sharp or well defined. The process of hair masking is a long and time consuming process and depends much on the image complexity. Quick etch with its latest technology makes the job easier for you.



Looking to cut out the background from image, but aren’t quite sure how to do it? Well, no matter you’ve come to the right place. If you want to remove a background from an image you’re working on, there are many ways to do this using Photoshop. Like Background Eraser Tool, Magnetic Lasso Tool, Channel Mask, Pen Tool etc.



It is very useful for online shop. That is, client may want to remove any tag, logo, spot or one whole product. Glorious Designer has expert designers who can successfully make this happen by using Object removing tools. You give us the photo and your requirements; we assure that we can satisfy you by our job.

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Our team created best opportunities for your business.

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